About us

Hanoi Travels website was developed after many requests from our customers that we make ourselves and the Vietnam tour services we provide known on the Internet.

A large majority of our customers coming from Australia and France require information and assistance before arrival in Vietnam. We have traditionally been sending this via email and now hope that this website will assist in informing and answering most of your questions.

We take pride in our professionalism and enjoy offering a friendly but efficient service to visitors of this beautiful country.

It is a business and a passion.



Profile - Thuy Pham

After leaving school at 18 years of age Thuy has been a keen student of foreign languages. Focusing particularly on English and French, she studied at University for 4 years in Ho Chi Minh City, until she moved to Hanoi in 2000.

Since this time Thuy has worked extensively in the Vietnam Tourism and Travel industry, organising tour operations throughout Vietnam, and recruiting and training tour operators for travel agencies in Hanoi.

Her business acumen and experience in the industry, combined with her effortless enthusiasm to ensure her customers satisfaction, have earned her to the envy of many of her competitors a widespread reputation, with many written testimonials and recommendations in the French Travel Guide books "Routard" and the American version "Let's Go".



Profile - Bob Stevens

Bob was born in the UK and moved to Australia in 1980 where he began working and studying in community infrastructure and communications.

Being a keen traveller and explorer Bob took up a position as a communications consultant travelling to many countries tutoring and assisting travel organisations in their operations. This was also a great opportunity to do some trekking and explore their country. Whilst in Vietnam in 2004 Thuy and Bob began working together. Her professional approach and sincere desire to help people irrespective of her business made a big impression on him.

As their business relationship continued they became close friends. They worked well together as a team, both of them being seasoned travellers who enjoy meeting the different people of the world, they made a great many friends. As the months went by they decided to plan their life together doing what they both love and enjoy the most.