Subject: Thank you
From: "Glenyce Mcrobert" <####@hotmail.com>
To: bob@hanoitravels.com

Hi Bob!

This is just a quick email to say thanks so much for organising such a fantastic trip for us and our friends Bill and Joc.
Everything ran so smoothly that we enjoyed every aspect of our time in Vietnam the only problem being that we needed more time there so we will have to return one day!

We really appreciated all that you did especially when we had to make some itinerary changes - nothing was ever too much trouble for you. We will certainly be recommending your company to our friends!

Kind regards,

Glenyce and Ross McRobert


Subject: Vietnam tour for March 13
From: "Mark Goyen" <####@gmail.com>
To: bob@hanoitravels.com

Hi Bob,

Just a short note to thank you for organising our time in North Vietnam.

It was a great experience. Our guides were great and the people at all our destinations were very friendly and helpful.

All the best,

Mark and Joce Goyen


Subject: Re: Trip to Vietnam
From: "Hilary & Tony Dalton" <####@aol.com>
To: bob@hanoitravels.com

Hi Bob,

This is just to say that we had a fabulous time on this trip.

We are currently on a tour with Intrepid, so needless to say we are with a bunch of Aussies and have talked about the Hanoi Travels trip and recommended it to them.

If you get the opportunity could you tell the Hanoi Style Hotel hat we really enjoyed our stay with them? It's just that when we asked for a taxi on our departure, they asked if we were going to the airport. When we told them the next hotel address to meet up with Intrepid, they seemed a little crestfallen as if we were not satisfied with their service. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Best regards,

Anthony Dalton


Subject: Many thanks for organising a terrific tour
From: "Beth Hales" <####@rangelandswa.com.au>
To: bob@hanoitravels.com

Hi Bob,

We have been back to work for two weeks since returning home from the Vietnam trip, boy does time fly!

Would like to thank you for the absolutely superb tour you organised for we four ladies!  Though we didn’t have much time, we saw an amazing amount of countryside, got to see how the locals lived, experienced the floating markets and the Mekong Delta, survived the traffic (takes a bit of getting use to!), were shown some great shops to get clothes from, rested a bit at Hoi An, climbed the many steps of temples/citadels etc and were reminded how the war affected the country at the war museum.

All the tour guides and coach drivers were just terrific – gave us a lot of information, and were really friendly and helpful.
Would love to come back and spend more time in each area to really see it properly. 

Have been telling everyone who set up our tour and look after us so well – gladly recommend your company.
We are really thankful we did get a Vietnam based travel company to organise everything for us – locals always know really good places to go to see a little bit of the culture.

Thank you very much

Beth, Chrissy, Wendy & Trish


Subject: Recent Tour
From: "Norm.McCormick" <####@tpg.com.au>
Cc: "Peter Manvell" <####@ozemail.com.au>

Hi Bob,

Thank you for the organisation of our tour.

Trois [Twa?] in Hanoi, Tien [Tee-en?] in Sapa and Dung [Yoong?] in Hue were all we could have asked for as guides.

We agree the hill-stay was the highlight and forward evidence.

Kindest regards,

Peter & Norm.


Subject: Re:Vietnam Tour
From: "Kaye Fraser" <####@optusnet.com.au>
To: bob@hanoitravels.com

Hi Bob, I wanted to thank you and Thuy and your staff we met for your assistance with the wonderful trip we recently had in Vietnam. Katie and I both thought that the private tour guides (along with the drivers and the air-conditioned cars) were a critical part of our enjoyment.
We felt so pampered, not to say gaining a lot more from the trip. I have been on guided tours before but as part of a large group and the experience is very different and far less pleasurable.

Our accommodation was also great and we particularly enjoyed Hanoi Street Hotel and the accommodation in Hoi An and Sapa including the power blackouts there courtesy of China.

Thanks again



Subject: Re: Vietnam Tour
From: Josephine Struck ####@ekit.com
To: bob@hanoitravels.com

Hi Bob,

We have returned from our trip and I just wanted to say that we had a great time.
All our guides were excellent and we had fantastic experiences.
We are already thinking about when we can go back.

Thanks for all your help in organising the tour.

Josephine and Rodney


Subject: Our Thanks
From: "H.Sheard" <####@bigpond.com>
To: bob@hanoitravels.com

Dear Bob, Thuy, Thuong and all at Hanoi Travels

Our thanks and some comments from our wonderful trip.  We can’t wait to go back!

We had a fantastic time in Vietnam and write to thank you for the contribution your team made to our trip.
We thought that:

And lastly we would like to especially mention our guide in Sapa, Sung.  She made our visit to Sapa a real highlight and we really valued her presence and contribution.

Best Wishes

Heather & Rod Sheard


Subject: Donnelly Tour
From: Terry Donnelly <####@gmail.com>
To: bob@hanoitravels.com


Hello Bob,

We arrived home safe and sound after an excellent tour of Vietnam and would like to thank you, your staff and our guides for making our trip so comfortable and interesting. The very personal attention we received eliminated all stress and allowed us flexibility not normally possible in group tours. 

Our guides deserve a lot of credit for their timeliness, knowledge and recognition of the needs of older travelers. Tien and Dung surprised us with their knowledge and ability to answer all our questions (there were a lot) and they were very enjoyable to have as company.

My wife was ill for some days in Saigon and our Guide Hai went out of his way to get us to and from the SOS medical centre where we received excellent service. As my wife was laid up and was not particularly interested in war tunnels and museums I had Hai to myself. Hai has a great sense of humour and because of his age we seemed to get along very well. His knowledge and experience of the war years made him the perfect choice of guides for me. 

When we made our tour bookings we had some reservations about dealing with a company in a foreign country and some of our friends questioned our wisdom but we now feel we received better service and value for money than if we had made our selection from travel agents here at home. We would recommend Hanoi Travels to anyone who asked and feel free to use our letter as a testimonial.

Thank you again and we hope your business thrives.

Kind regards

Terry & Terri Donnelly 

PS. Those "short" walks in Sa Pa may be short for Backpackers but not for folk around 70, particularly the uphill part.


Subject: Re: Harrisons and Bassers
From: "Liz Harrison" <####@optusnet.com.au>
To: thuy@hanoitravels.com

Dear Thuy and Bob,

I have finally organised some photos from our trip in September.
On behalf of both families, I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip organised by your company.
Smiley was fabulous, and he was especially great with all the children.
We had such an amazing time and all was organised really well.

Very happy with everything.

Thank you all.

Liz Harrison


Subject: Many thanks From Australia
From: "dave McCoy" <####@tamex.com.au>
To: thuy@hanoitravels.com

Thuy and Bob,

I trust this email finds you both in the very best of health.

Some time has passed now since we spent those wonderful weeks in your country. We think of Vietnam often, it has left an impression on our very souls. In some ways we feel so lucky to live the way we do, but really, are we? Your people have so much we will never have, their sense of community, family and friendship. In western society we need to surround ourselves with symbols of success and in Vietnam, we stripped those back and blended in your community and that’s when we felt the most ‘enriched’ and appreciative of just simply being alive and so fortunate to take a holiday such as this.

We have spoken to other friends who intend to travel to Vietnam and recommended you as the best way to go. We met so many travelers along the way who had decided to ‘wing it’ and I could tell the uncertainty was spoiling their experience. We on the other hand, always knew there was someone to pick us up and get us everywhere in safety and comfort and that the accommodation booked was what we expected.

Your guides did a great job, from the Hanoi tour to Halong Bay (The incredible Emotion Junk) to trekking in Sapa and staying overnight in the village, fantastic.

Hoi Ann was a lovely respite from the hustle and bustle and trekking, we loved the Hoi An Hotel with its resort facilities and so close to everything! We went on a guided bike tour of the countryside with Mr Tien, Easy Rider Tours, a truly lovely man.

In Ho Chi Minh City we met Mr Hai. Our man for all seasons, we chuckled when we met this ageing former South Vietnamese soldier who greeted us at the airport in a blue hat with the words “Aussie Aussie Aussie” on it! Ashamedly, I have taught him some aussie words he hadn’t heard, for the benefit of the aussies to follow!!!!

We spent two days with him and he took us to the Long Tan Memorial, something that every Aussie should see. He recounted stories of bravery in battle and my wife and I openly wept. I now have an enormous respect not only for the soldiers who reluctantly went there, but for my country and what it stands for.
We will return as soon as we can, there is so much unseen and we yearn for that……
We have been many places in the world and we rarely go back to the same place twice, but Vietnam is etched in my memory as somewhere to which we must return.

Thank you all again for the wonderful experiences, your professionalism and understanding when we had to cancel the first trip when my wife fell ill and everything had to be rebooked.

All the best
Dave and Deb McCoy

Tamworth NSW Australia, March 2010.


Subject: Aussie Tourists Happy with Hanoi Travels
From: "Jane Keehn" <####@coop-bookshop.com.au>
To: thuy@hanoitravels.com

Hello, Mrs Thuy & Bob.

Emma & I met you last week in Hanoi while using your tour service to see the Perfume Pagoda, Halong Bay and Sapa.

Unfortunately neither of you were in the office, when we went to pick up our bags, so I just wanted to let you know that we really appreciated you and your friendly staff's great customer service.

It was a treat to have the mangoes, bread and water on our trek through Sapa - nice to have some fruit to share with the locals - we really appreciated this simple but practical gift.

Some co-workers are holidaying in Vietnam next month, so I will definitely be passing on your business card to them!

Thanks once again,

Jane Keehn & Emma Geary.

Jane Keehn
Academic and Textbook Buyer

University Co-operative Bookshop Ltd
UWA -Nedlands Campus,
Guild Village, Hackett Drive Entry 2,


Subject: Have fun and do neat stuff
From: "Geoff Bell" <####l@pa-asiapacific.com>
To: bob@hanoitravels.com

Hello Bob,

We have now completed our Vietnam visit and are back in Australia. This is a short note to say:

Thank you.

Have fun and do neat stuff


Geoff Bell.


Subject: Many Thanks.
From: "Gary" <####@bigpond.com>
To: bob@hanoitravels.com

Hello Bob,

We arrived back in Brisbane a week ago? the time has just flown.

We wish to thank you and your staff for the wonderful service you provided while we were in Vietnam.
We were very happy with our guides and drivers and the standard of the vehicles was excellent.
Having the local guides certainly gave us a different perspective to the tour we would have had if we had arranged it in Australia. We loved hearing of their experiences and getting their local run down and having guides of differing ages we also heard about their experiences from their viewpoint.
Chin in Hue and Hai in Saigon who were our age were particularly interesting.

Overall we were very happy with our accommodation with the only exception being the Bao Dai Villas in Nha Trang.
Unfortunately this was too far out of town for us to walk and the one eating place there was only OK.
Our top 3 hotels were the Asia in Hue, the MS in Hanoi and the Golf 3 in Dalat.

We will not hesitate in recommending your service to other people wishing to have a similar Vietnam experience as it was very comprehensive and well done. Can you please forward a copy of this email to your office staff in Hanoi to Thuong your manager and all of the girls who were particularly helpful especially on the Sunday after we had arrived back on the train from Lao Cai and then could not face the possibility of getting on the train again that night to go down to Dong Hoi, so cancelled that and flew to Hue instead. Unfortunately we would not be recommending Vietnam railways as although the compartment was very clean and comfortable the night journey was just so noisy with the constant stopping and starting etc. Vietnam Airlines on the other hand were great.

Well, thanks again to all of you? maybe some time in the future we will be back.


Lyn and Gary Evans.


Subject: Hi from Australia
From: "John & Noreen" <####@optusnet.com.au>
To: thuy@hanoitravels.com

Dear Thuy, Bob & staff,

We have arrived home safely after a wonderful holiday that you organized so well for us.

The time spent in Vietnam will always remain in our fond memories, you are truly gifted for the position of organization with travel arrangements & we wish you every success with you plans once you visit Australia, you come highly recommended from us, thank you so much.

We were touched by your kindness, the lovely flowers on arrival, fresh fruit each morning, the water supply that kept us going each day, & most of all your special gift & wonderful surprise for my birthday, it certainly felt like I was surrounded by family, what lovely thoughtfulness thank you.

John & I were very touched by your staff, the girls in the office were kind & patient always willing to go the extra mile.
We send our greetings to them.

The most memorable time was spent with Twone our guide (cant spell his name sorry) when he gave of himself & extended the arm of friendship on our trip to Sapa, he was a strength & encouraged to us to keep going when the track got a bit rough, & he was a delight, thank you for choosing to send him with us.

Hai our guide in Ho Chi Minh City will always be a reminder of the time we spent in that city & the Mekong delta, we enjoyed his perfect English, his company, knowledge, the precious information he shared about his family life & country. He went beyond his call of duty to show us what we really prefered to see on the trip, & was considerate & watchful of our needs, & of course the age that we shared made it a perfect combination for us & him to understand each others heart.

Now that we are at home & have time to reflect on the memories of our trip there are things that are concreted in our hearts for ever, so once again we send our thanks & appreciation for your part in making our holiday so enjoyable.

Best wishes, & kind regards

John & Noreen Armstrong



Subject: Jacinta / thank you
From: ####@police.vic.gov.au
To: thuy@hanoitravels.com

Hi Bob

We had a wonderful time in Vietnam. It was a sensory overload that we enjoyed immensely.

Your staff, the various drivers, hotel workers and Sinh and Zu (our guides) were a joy to be around and provided great assistance. Hanoi Travels really added that little bit extra to make the trip a complete joy. We have and will continue to recommend your business.

We were sorry to miss meeting you and Thuy and hope that you are enjoying your time in Oz.

Thank you,

Jacinta & Lauren.


Subject: Re: Sapa & Halong Bay Tours
From: "Marg Thompson" <####@yahoo.com>
To: bob@hanoitravels.com

To Bob and Thuy,

Many thanks for making our holiday in Vietnam so wonderful. Both Julie and I loved the tours to Sapa and Halong Bay.

The Halong Bay trip was everything and more that we could imagine, the junk was fabulous.
I have recommended your services to all my friends.

Thank you too for the care you took in taking us to the train for our journey to Sapa and for the bag of "goodies" most unexpected.

Good luck with your future ventures and if I return to Vietnam I will certainly use your agency again.

Magaret & Julie.


Subject: Hanoi Tour
From: "Lyn & Lyle Butler" <####l@activ8.net.au>
To: bob@hanoitravels.com

Morning Bob & Thuy,

Just returned from our five week trip to Vietnam and Cambodia .

Am writing to tell you that the service we received from Hanoi Travels exceeded any other that we had.

You sure run a neat agency.

A special "hello" to Thuong. She certainly provided caring, attentive, efficient service.


Lyn and Lyle Butler.


Subject: From Sydney to Hanoi....(and northern NSW!)
From: "treisha" <####@aapt.net.au>
To: thuy@hanoitravels.com

Dearest Thuy and Bob,

I have just read this article and watched the SBS news. I hope you and your staff are ok and all is well. I imagine that Bob you are still in Northern NSW so would be ok and not flood affected!

I have not had a chance to email you both and thank you again for your organisation of our trip - you know what it is like, back to work as soon as we landed, kids back to school and then in the blink of an eye one almost forgets the holiday in a flash!!

We absolutely loved Vietnam and are very keen to travel there again. I am seriously addicted to Ca Phe instant sachet coffee and am desperately trying to find where I can buy it here - tried the asian supermarket in china town - not available, next stop Cabramatta on my next days off - Little Vietnam they say, so let's see what I can find!!

We will stay in touch, please feel free to send us anything interesting (including gossip!) that you would like to share.

Kindest Regards and thank you especially Ms Thuy, you were so very very kind.

Treisha, Kiah and Aiden Hemaridis Smith.


Subject: Sapa & Halong Bay Tours
From: ####@iinet.net.au
To: bob@hanoitravels.com

Hi Bob,

Just a short note to say that our trip to Sapa in early October was fantastic! Everything went perfectly; the welcome we received in your office, the Victoria Express, our delightful guide and the hotel with its delicious meals.

In fact the time in Sapa was possibly the highlight of our 4 weeks in Vietnam. 

Thank you and your team for all your work. We will be pleased to recommend Hanoi Travels to anyone we know who is thinking of visiting Vietnam. 

Marg and Ross Brown.


Subject: Thank You
From: "Lucy Poloni" <####@bigpond.com>
To: thuy@hanoitravels.com

Hi Thuy and Bob,

Thank you for the excellent organisation of our trip to Vietnam. All went smoothly and we had a wonderful time. 

Our guides and drivers were excellent; particularly Sinh was with us from Hanoi to Sapa. The road trip to Sapa would have to be the highlight of our trip, with so much spectacular scenery and being able to see what Vietnam has to offer away from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi. It was so much more exciting and interesting than doing the return trip to Sapa by train.

The weather was kind to us and though we did encounter some rain (send some of it this way please!) it didn't spoil our trip and the landslides that had occurred on the road to Sapa made for some interesting driving! The only cancellation was our trip on the Perfume River in Hue, which wasn't bad considering the number of people we spoke to who, only days before we arrived in Vietnam, had trips to Halong Bay and Sapa cancelled.   

We won't forget you when we plan our next trip to your beautiful country and when we have friends planning a trip to Vietnam we will definitely recommend your business to them.

Thanks again and hope to see you in Adelaide one day.


Lucy Poloni and Steve Pannach.


Subject: Larrys Trip
From: "Freddy Beh" <####@singnet.com.sg>
To: bob@hanoitravels.com


I met Larry this morning and he and his friends were delighted with the trip to Hanoi, especially the trip to Sapa.

They are now planning for the next trip back to Sapa, making a return trip by the west route thru Mai Chau up Dien Bien Phu. The guide provided was good and very helpful.

Thanks for your help. 


Freddy Beh


Subject: Jantina / thank you
From: "Jantina Manning" <####@adelaide.edu.au>
To: thuy@hanoitravels.com

Dear Mrs Thuy,

I just wanted to write to say thank you very much for helping us with our travel plans while we were in Vietnam.

We found your services to be excellent, and thank you very much for the help you gave us when the train was cancelled.

Can you also thank your staff for the wonderful job they did in arranging other flights for us.

So thank you again,



Subject: Thank you
From: "Russell Wood" <####@bigpond.net.au>
To: thuy@hanoitravels.com

Dear Thuy and Bob,

Annabelle and I have been home for a while now so this is a bit belated as we have both been busy with work and life in general.

We just want to say thank you for looking after us so well whilst we were travelling in Vietnam. It was novel to have a travel agent organize our itinerary whilst we lay on our bed in the hotel room. Very relaxing and easy.

We appreciated the extra's you added like piling us on your scooter Thuy, to go shopping (we thought that was so much fun).
I don't think you won many brownie points from Bob for that one! ? and of course the fresh fruit and water you always supplied us with as we where sent us off on our next adventure.

We loved Hoi An. It was unbelievably hot, however we couldn't help ourselves and were out in the middle of the day choosing our new clothes to be made. Yaly is the best? We would love to have stayed a couple of extra days in Hoi An. I will take my husband back there. Maybe not in the middle of summer. The restaurants are great.

I hope you enjoy your trip together to Australia .

Thank you again for making us feel so comfortable in a new and different culture.

We both loved Vietnam and would certainly return again one day.

Kind Regards,



From: ####@comcast.net
To: bob@hanoitravels.com